Day 15 | Celje – Ljubljana (53 miles)

 The alarm clock sounded, and after dreaming of a palm beach with mojitos in both hands, I quickly realised that I was not in fact in paradise, however, was in a peculiar hotel in the middle of Slovenia, and that another day of cycling followed.    We had our daily stop at the supermarket and were on our bikes by 11am.    We cycled very fast for about 20 miles with beautiful countryside all around us. However, the flat roads soon turned to hills and as we slowly ascended, we pictured beautiful Slovenian girls awaiting us at the very top. This was not the case, although we did enjoy a lovely descent.   We stopped for lunch about 15 miles outside of Ljubljana and feasted on our sandwiches. Just as we sat down, it started to rain; typical.    After taking some photos of the beautiful countryside and mountains that we had just climbed, we slowly made our way into the city. With a population of only 300 000, Ljubljana was a lot smaller than we had previously imagined and we arrived soon after at our hostel.    We were in a 6 bed dorm with Mexicans, Irish and a Taiwanese girl. That is the great thing about hostels, meeting so many different people from all backgrounds. We tasted Mexican chili sweets and spoke about Taiwanese politics before going to visit the Ljubljana castle (2nd castle in two days).    We enjoyed a lovely dinner on the riverfront and Sasha found out that he had passed his university year so we went for a celebratory drink and walk, when it then started to rain; again!   


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