Day 17 | Trieste – Venice (105 miles!)

 Our time in Trieste was wonderful. I have a classmate who is from there and funnily enough she flew into the city the day we arrived. So after our night in the hostel (with two very weird guys), we cycled to her apartment and spent the day with her and her friends.  Visiting a city with a local is always far better than aimlessly wandering around trying to spot all the main sights. Ilaria was a great host and after briefly showing us around, we went to her friends swimming pool that overlooks the entire city. It was the perfect way to relax after a long day of cycling.   After a delicious pizza, Sasha and I cuddled up on our comfy sofa bed. No sheets, no pillows, no problem.   We awoke at 7am for our biggest day yet. Over 100 miles to Venice!!  We cycled extremely fast for the first sixty miles averaging around 20mph, however the temperature only got hotter and around lunchtime we were cycling in 37 degrees. It was far too hot and we had to stop.   We made good time however reaching Venice by 6pm and we couldn’t hold our excitement. We were ecstatic about being in Venice and couldn’t believe we were actually here.   We tried cycling on the tiny venetian streets and were told twice by the angry Italian police to get off our bikes. Garmy was also totally lost, in complete bewilderment at the labyrinth that is Venice.  Today we cycled a grand total of 105 miles!! And so after a much needed wash, we went out into the wilderness and ambled around, hoping to see some nice buildings and squares.   Venice is absolutely beautiful, however swarming with tourists. Rarely do you hear Italian, which is very sad considering the local population has drastically decreased in the past decade due to this influx.   Regardless, we are over the moon to be here and can’t wait to explore more tomorrow.   


1 thought on “Day 17 | Trieste – Venice (105 miles!)

  1. Wonderful blog – we also love Venice as we spent part of our honeymoon there exactly 56 years ago (July 5th 1959) – we really enjoy reading and sharing all of your adventures and photos.

    lots of love
    Grandma and Gramps

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