Day 20 | Lake Garda – Lake Iseo (50 miles)

 From one lake to the next…Today we left Lake Garda and cycled 50 miles west to Lake Iseo (just as beautiful as Garda however with zero tourists). We also passed through the sister town (Desenzano del Garda) of Wiener Neudstadt, the first town we passed through after Vienna, which was very exciting.    We had our first lie in today, which is strange considering we were staying in an 8 bed dormitory with glacial air conditioning. However, due to our early starts and rather long and tiresome days of cycling, we managed to sleep undisturbed until 9am.   We left at 11:30 am just at the moment when the sun had risen and was ready to burn the senseless topless cyclists who dared ride the scorching tarmac roads.   We took it very easy, due to the heat, and arrived at 5:30pm after various much needed water stops.   The lake was beautiful, and so we walked to the nearest swimming spot and jumped in. It was glorious.   We swam in the lake for a while and cleansed our worn down bodies before a delicious pizza and gelato dinner. Tomorrow we start our journey towards the Italian coast , which we should reach in two and a half days. 


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