Day 23 | Tortona – Varazze (61 miles)

 After only 5 hours of sleep, the alarm sounded. We forced ourselves out of bed and with our eyes half open made our way to the kitchen where the lovely old Italian lady had made us breakfast. She must have been trying to kill us with the amount of sugar we consumed. Everything was sugar coated.  Buzzing with energy we, skeptically and reluctantly set off in fear of the perilous hills that lay before us. After a gruelling day before, we were not feeling strong. Our legs had taken a beating yesterday and we were fearful that today would be even worse.  Fortunately, there were fewer hills and despite some climbing, the day was not as bad as we had imagined. Lunch was probably the low point, when after sitting out a nosebleed, we perched on the hard shoulder underneath a motorway underpass and ate our tuna and bread sandwich. Yummy!  Overall, we did 61 miles and were over the moon when we eventually reached the coast in the port town of Genova.   The last time we had seen the sea was in Venice and we were overjoyed to be back. Hopefully this will mean there will be no big climbs for the rest of the trip.   We were in a seaside town called Varazze and after settling into our hotel room, we went for our first swim in the Mediterranean. The beach was packed ,however, we muscled our way through the herds of beautiful tanned Italian people and unleashed our rash covered bodies – not a pretty sight.   After a glorious (but rather tiring) swim, we returned to the hotel, showered, and left in search of a restaurant. We couldn’t find a single restaurant that was not a pizzeria, and after pizza for dinner for the past week, we were keen for a healthier meal. I find it fascinating in fact that there aren’t more overweight Italians when all they do is eat pasta and pizza. Sasha is sure he has put on weight due to our unhealthy eating despite cycling all day every day. Eventually we gave up the search and settled on a pizzeria, however, ordered steak instead. We quickly found out that if you go to a pizzeria, you should order pizza!   Only three more days until we arrive!!


3 thoughts on “Day 23 | Tortona – Varazze (61 miles)

  1. You are both utterly amazing. Been loving following you adventure and I bet you can’t wait for the end – I’m exhausted just reading your posts. Toby, will you post your charity link again, I can’t seem to find it. Laura xx

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