Day 24 | Varazze – San Remo (69 miles)

 We left Varazze in fresh and clean gear after a visit to the launderette the night before. Riding in clean gear is such a luxury as travel wash only does so much to hide the terrible cyclist smell.   We followed the beautiful coastal road for 69 miles and as expected there were several big climbs however nothing out of the ordinary. Since our trip is drawing to a close we decided to treat ourselves to a restaurant lunch rather than a supermarket special.    We had a starter AND a main course and enjoyed our meal by the waters edge at a small hotel restaurant which was delightful.   We also managed to join a bicycle path for 10 miles leading into San Remo. The bike path had previously been a train line and so the path was completey flat, well maintained and very wide. Riding into San Remo was very pleasant indeed.    The smell of cheese and fresh bread looms closer and we are extremely eager to reach the French coast. As much as our affection for Italy remains as strong as ever, the time has come to leave the haven of pasta and pizza. Tomorrow we say cioa to Italy and bonjour to France.     


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