Interesting people i have met whilst being down under

  1. Pizza Ambassador of Finland
  2. RBN – English rapper
  3. Endorphin – Global electronic artist
  4. Scientist who works at the Hadron Collidor in Geneva
  5. Potato Farmer
  6. Guatemalan Travel Critic


    7.  Two time Australia wet-t shirt contest winner 


Almost 10 things i have noticed whilst being down under

1. Everything is expensive

2. Ozzy’s drink all day and all night

3. In one month I have only heard one person say ‘g’day mate’

4. Life revolves around the beach 

5. 80% of the backpackers I have met have been German, 10% Irish, 10% other nationalities

6. Any Australian high street: hostel, travel agent, bar, hostel, travel agent, bar, hostel, travel agent, bar…

7. Don’t underestimate its size, Oz is enormous (if travelling, prepare yourself for long bus journeys)

8. Ozzy’s don’t understand the word ‘stress’ (not in their vocabulary)

9. Swearing is not seen as offensive but a part of the language. They swear all the time

That to me is Australia summed up. If you can swear whilst drinking beers at the beach you are almost a true Ozzy.

Day 23 and 24 (Diving the Great Barrier Reef)

Cape tribulation is in fact the only place in the world where two world heritage sites meet (a line the travel agents love to use to sell the trip).

In the morning we walked up to the lookout then jumped on the bus to go for an aboriginal talk about the rainforest. It was rather short but informative. The rest of the day was spent travelling back to Cairns stopping for fish and chips for dinner. 

Day 24

At 7:30 i boarded the Ocean Freedom dive boat to explore the world famous great barrier reef (the world’s largest coral reef system stretching 2600 kilometres – that is approximately the distance i have traveled this month from Sydney to Cairns). We snorkelled around the outer reef throughout the day seeing sharks, sting rays and i even shook hands with a turtle. Consequently, the scuba dive was uneventful after having seen all these awesome marine animals. At least now i can leave Australia with the satisfaction of saying i dove in the Great Barrier Reef!!

Day 21 and 22 (Tablelands to the Rainforest)

‘Welcome family to the Uncle Brian’s bus tour of the tablelands’ calmy but intriguingly said by Cousin Brad. The most bizarre/ laidback/ hippie ozzy I have met. He walked feet first with his body following behind (like the pink panther) with his arms slowly swaying in the wind. Unfortunately in the morning I had an awful stomach ache from what I believe to be the delicious gourmet quality steak I had the previous night of which my body is not used to after eating staple backpacker foods for the past month.
Although it did not stop me from enjoying the many waterfalls, lakes, freshwater pools and volcanic craters that we saw during the day. On the drive back from the tablelands Cousin Brad put on music to full blast and encouraged everyone to break the law by taking off their seat belts and dance in the aisle of the minibus. So everyone obediently obeyed his instructions and danced crazily in the bus with ‘no worries’ until arriving back in Cairns.

Day 22

‘Welcome aboard the cape tribulation tour bus’ said a completely normal man. Far different from the crazed hippie I had yesterday. We drove north stopping to do a crocodile cruise along the way ( we only saw baby crocs, which was cool nevertheless). Upon arriving at the hostel we looked at the prices of the afternoon activities. The cheapest one was exotic fruit tasting ( not a classic backpacker activity) which we decided might be interesting. It ended up being really funny tasting peculiar fruit from an old, bearded farmer who was infatuated by his exotic fruits.

Day 19 and 20 (One last stop – Cairns)

Feeling a bit down from an awesome boat trip, a couple of us thought a complimentary didgeridoo lesson would cheer us up. We walked into the store and were confronted by what must have been a bodybuilder (the polar opposite of a traditional aboriginal didgeridoo player). Regardless, the lesson was hilarious and playing the didgeridoo is far harder than we first thought. We spent the afternoon at the lagoon (artificial pool) as Airlie beach does not even have a beach! At 8 30 it was time for my last night bus of 10 hours. They are always good fun.

Day 20

10 hours later after no sleep and a crazed, fearless bus driver I am in Cairns! My last stop before i fly to New Zealand. I arrived at 6 am and was greeted by Perry (friends of friends) who was extremely welcoming. I met his lovely family and was shown to my bed where i fell unconscious for some much needed sleep. As well as Airlie beach, you cannot swim in Cairns not just because of the sting rays, sharks and jellyfish but because of the much less pernicious mudflats. It will have to be the lagoon then for a swim..

Day 17 and 18 (All aboard the New Horizon)

Day 1 on the boat: In the early afternoon, 32 eager backpackers boarded the new horizon sailboat. We sailed for an hour before dropping the anchor for the night and were allocated berths. After little hesitation we all calmly jumped off the diving board into the shark infested waters. Everyone survived and later got to know each other over dinner.

Day 2 on the boat: We were awoken at 6 30 to sail to the infamous whitehaven beach (whose sand is the purest/finest sand in Australia). We all climbed to the lookout point and took the classic postcard photo then spent the next few hours admiring the scenery and swimming with the sting rays in the ocean. We motored to our next location and spent the afternoon snorkelling. 

Day 3 on the boat: Another early wake up call for a morning of swimming, stand up paddle boarding and jumping down the huge inflatable slide. So much fun!! We pulled up the anchor and headed to shore however the ocean was rough and after 10am hotdogs some people were not feeling too good. After a couple hours of sailing and a few ‘over the boat’ incidents, we set food on land. Best trip in OZ so far!