The Diary of an Intern Part II

As the final few days of work experience approach, I cannot help feel excitement at the prospect of sleeping late into the day and avoiding the painfully dull commute every morning. Not that I don’t enjoy sharing transport in a cramped, underground furnace filled with strangers for an hour, but rather I prefer the comforts of a warm duvet as I dream of distant lands that I will discover in the coming months.

I digress from the story of my internship.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been great (mainly because of the people, bar one – but I will not get into that). The 5 Lucozade addicts I worked with were all hilarious and a delight to work with. On my first day however, I was greeted by a man named Pete, who tensed his huge muscles as he walked down the stairs to try to intimidate me (although I was not phased). It turns out he was a huge softie and made me tea whenever I wanted (not really).

During my 3 weeks I mainly focused on analysing the trading priorities of the main UK supermarkets for 2014 (exciting, I know). You can now ask me anything you like on that topic! But I learnt more about the general running of an advertising agency and if my future lies in fabricating the truth and deceiving the public –┬ámarketing (still unsure).

It was a great 3 weeks but now I can’t wait to go travelling. Africa in a week!!!


The Diary of an Intern Part I

I have been out of the UK for what feels like a very long time and so it is actually nice to be back. I spent a week relaxing at home before starting a three-week work placement in an advertising agency called Billington Cartmell in London, working with the Lucozade team. As an intern, before even starting, you feel somewhat guilty as you are interrupting the daily routine of those you are put with. They are obliged to go out of their way to keep you occupied whilst getting on with their day-to-day. You are a nuisance in the spectrum of their business.

I was shown to my desk and tried to portray an attitude of ‘wanting to do as much as possible whilst not seeming too keen to be given mindless, futile, time-wasting tasks.’ There is a fine line between casual excitement and collected professionalism ( if that makes any sense whatsoever).

10 days in now and the inner workings of a business are becoming clearer to me. Many teas, many coffees and 8 hours later the day is over. The turning cogs slow down and rest for the night, before rebooting the next morning for another days work.

More to follow next week on the trials of being an Intern…