Top 10 Photos – Bolivia

DCIM100GOPROA group photo at a Laguna near the Bolivian border

DSC02549An Interesting rock formation, Uyuni

DSC02721Train Cemetery, Uyuni

DSC02842Looking onto Lake Titicaca – 4010m

DSC02559Another beautiful Laguna near the Chile/Bolivia border

DSC02633The Bolivian salt flats

DSC02646DSC02492The border crossing into Bolivia

DSC02914Local children on Isla Del Sol

DSC02565A passing fox near the salt flats


Top 5 Photos – Brazil


The view from the top of a favella in the heart of Rio De Janeiro

The view from the bottom
028Christ the Redeemer

DSC02226Iguazu Falls

DSC02045Lopez Mendez Beach, Ilha Grande